why is she big spoon tho

because why the fuck not. because girls like to be the big spoon too. because boys like to be held. because everyone likes to be held. because not every girl needs to be enveloped in some guy all the time, or anyone. because sometimes men want to be the little spoons and feel safe and woman want to do the protecting. because shut up.

I fucks with being the little spoon sometimes. It’s pretty nice.

Not gonna lie, the little spoon is nice sometimes. AND you don’t get hair all in your face. lol

I like to be the big spoon sometimes, my boyfriend always holds me but he likes being held too <3

Jakob!!! You aren’t alone!!

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Can we be hair twins plz…. ? Azealia Banks

fire !

mmmmm shoes 

isabel martin <3

vera wang


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i love this boot- the right amount rugged, with an elegant heel.  kind of ‘woman takes on the urban jungle.’ Take em for a spin. (available now). 

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